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In this E-book, you will learn 7 powerful close-up effects from Kyle's repertoire and Lecture:

Ring Coins: A 3 coin production and vanish that is perfectly justified, and comes full circle.

Use Your Card to Find your Card: A Think-a -Card effect that is sure-fire and pretty easy to do...and yes. The card is never said out loud or written down at any point in the routine.

Binary Force: A super clean force of any 2 digit number!

Calculator Cards. An impossible packet trick that has a kicker ending that no one will be forgetting any time soon.

Duel ACAAN: An impromptu Any Card At Any Number in which (due to a sneaky premise) the spectator can name any card and any number, and deal down themselves to find the card.

Spongeball Finale: A comical way to end your spongeball routine that ends full circle, and with an impossible object.

Torn and Relocated: An impromptu piece of weird that you can do anytime anywhere with any signed business card.

38 pages with over 60 High Definition photos.

Never Finished: Digital Lecture Notes

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