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"Wow! Simple/direct, no table, impromptu, with a (hands on) finale that leaves your spectator with an impossible object!?! Cash Grab is a worker!"
Doug Conn


"What an incredibly, clever, well thought out and deceptive mixture of methods.
It's fantastic and I have to keep reminding myself over and over that this is ungimmicked.
Lloyd Barnes


“Easy to do and totally looks gimmicked! Kyle has done it again!”

Nicholas Lawrence


"What amazes me most about Kyle is not just his devious methods, but how he plays with our perceptions- layering in beautifully deceptive visual subtleties that heighten the impact.  It’s this kind of thinking that elevates Kyle’s magic into the upper echelon and Cash Grab is no exception - it is everything you could want in a routine."
David Jonathan


"This trick is dope! I dig it a ton!"
Erik Casey


“I’m consistently fooled, impressed, and a little bit jealous of Kyle’s work. CASH GRAB is pure magic!”

Jonathan Friedman


"A working close up professionals dream! Any deck, no gimmick and ends your ACR in a truly memorable fashion!! This kind of thing is exactly why I love everything Kyle does!"
Adam Wilber

Directly out of his working repertoire, Kyle Purnell (Inventor of the year 2021) is sharing his signature closer, CASH GRAB.
After your favorite signed card routine, borrow a bill from your audience. The card is lost in the deck and the dollar bill melts through the cards until it finds itself wrapped around one card, the signed selection!
Then things get ridiculous! The magician staples the bill together so nothing can get inside. The card is lost once more in the deck, and with the flick of the bill, the signed card visually appears trapped inside....STAPLED in the bill! It is then immediately handed out to the spectator as an impossible souvenir.

-Completely gimmickless
-Use your working deck
-Over 180 degree viewing angle
-No table required
-Creates a real time impossible object

Please join Kyle in frying your audiences with CASH GRAB today!


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