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Kyle Purnell (2021 Magic Inventor of the Year) is back with his newest and strongest impromptu effect yet, Bling Link.

BLING LINK is a 3 phase penetration effect with your ungimmicked ring and a BORROWED dollar!

Phase 1: SLOWLY melt your ring through the dollar bill in full view!

Phase 2: Pluck your ring off the bill, and link it immediately back on!

Phase 3: after showing the ring unmistakably on the middle of the bill, pull it off one last time, and immediately hand out everything for in depth examination!


-Borrowed Bill

-No Gimmicks

-Use your own ring, or even borrow one

-Use any international currency as long as it is foldable

-Completely Modular: perform one, two, or all 3 phases

Bling Link

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